When I Woke Up This Morning…

Hi Believers,

 I woke up this morning and there were three bids and three offers for TROPTIONS. In other words three sellers and three buyers. I was one of the sellers, but everyone else was a part of the market that is developing.
We Have Lift-Off,
We Have A Market,
It Is Small,
It Is Mighty!
Please find below what I saw on my IndieSquare app this morning at approximately 9am.
1                                        $5.4310195
TROPTIONS                     2.60 XCP
308.4                                 $5.28480009
TROPTIONS                     2.53 XCP
1                                        $5.22213447
TROPTIONS                     2.50 XCP
1                                        $5.01324909
TROPTIONS                     2.40 XCP
1                                        $4.80436378
TROPTIONS                     2.30 XCP
1                                        $4.59547834
TROPTIONS                     2.20 XCP
Thanks for believing with me,
p.s. We can do this for every token and for all of our wonderful clients.