TROPTIONS: A Peer-to-Peer Digital Trade Exchange

TROPTIONS: A Peer-to-Peer Digital Trade Exchange

  • A Decentralized Digital Trade Exchange
  • A Decentralized Digital Trade Network
  • A Blockchain Unit of Purchasing Power
  • Decentralized Purchasing Power
  • A Blockchain Barter System
  • A Blockchain Trade Exchange

TROPTIONS stands for trade options.

This new kind of money gives the holders at least three options:

TROPTIONS can be exchanged for goods and services in a direct peer to peer barter system, therefore bypassing the middle-man and his fees.
TROPTIONS can be stored with no expiration date or system tax.
TROPTIONS can be traded in a marketplace in exchange for cash or other digital assets called tokens or coins.

TROPTIONS have an ecosystem built around them serviced and managed by TROPTIONS CORPORATION.
This entity exists to facilitate the usefulness and utility of TROPTIONS for the holders by:
Providing education and assistance in the best practices of TROPTIONS use.
Increasing the marketplace for TROPTIONS purchases.
Promoting increased visibility and value of TROPTIONS in international trading markets.

“TROPTIONS” is a unit of monetary purchasing power that can be acquired with cash, products, services and labor. Once TROPTIONS are acquired they are protected with ultra high security called cryptography.

Unlike US dollars, TROPTIONS cannot be counterfeited or double spent.
They also can’t be controlled by a third party.

The electronic account that holds TROPTIONS, called a wallet is totally under the power of the owner of that wallet to spend, sell, exchange or otherwise dispose of TROPTIONS as the wallet sees fit.

No central authority or governing body can restrict in any way the holder of a TROPTIONS wallet and therefore no one entity can stop the flow of TROPTIONS to anyone or from anyone.

TROPTIONS are designated as a product by the IRS and a commodity by the Commodity Futures trading Commission.

TROPTIONS are absolutely NOT a security and therefore not under the auspices of the SEC.

TROPTIONS though a product/commodity acts like and can be used as a currency to purchase goods and services and initiate transactions in the categories of business, personal or investments.

TROPTIONS is a hybrid financial instrument that has commodity backing of a barter dollar, but is not a barter dollar, the purchasing power of a currency but is not a currency and the trading and value growth potential of a stock, but it is not a stock.

TROPTIONS take the inherent, inert, potential power of unused capacity, underutilized assets, idle equipment and sidelined labor and turns it into dynamic financial energy.

Now you have the Trade Options in your hands,
Garland E. Harris