The Troptions Mercantile™ website will be launched prior to TROPTIONS Initial Product Offering on November 11, 2017.

The Troptions Mercantile™ website

Gary M. Koeppel is an entrepreneur who has led several careers during his eclectic
professional life, from an English professor to an American artisan, from an art gallery owner
and art dealer, to an publisher and art licensing agent, from founding a Fire Department and
Chamber of Commerce to founding a newspaper and a charitable foundation for placing
patriotic artworks in public places, and from authoring two novels and two coffee table
books to writing a television series screenplay.

Koeppel has owned and operated six Coast Galleries in California and Hawaii, the artworks
for each were individually curated to serve each distinctive market: American Crafts in Big
Sur, modern art in Pebble Beach, contemporary art in Carmel, Marine art in Wailea and
Hawaiian Arts in Kaanapali and Hana in Maui, Hawaii.

As a special event art producer, Koeppel founded Global Art Expos and produced thirty
annual Expos events from 1984 through 2014 in Tokyo, Berlin, Tel Aviv, Paris and numerous
locations in the United States.  These unique 60-day, special event exhibitions drew some
50,000 visitors to the host property and are believed to be the original event templates for
what has become the increasingly popular “pop up” events wherein, rather than bringing art
clients to a permanent gallery location, the Art Expo brings art to the client at a temporary
location for a short time.

As founder of the Enduring Freedom Foundation, Koeppel has commissioned and donated
the original Enduring Freedom Tribute sculpture to the Pentagon in Washington, DC, where
it is the first exhibit seen by all visitors entering the main Metro Entrance.  Additional
donations to date include providing all thirty Veteran’s Administration Hospitals throughout
the United States with replica Enduring Freedom Tribute sculpture maquettes for display as
patriotic artworks conveying appreciation for the veterans who have served and sacrificed
for America.

In 2017 Koeppel sold his art gallery inventories and personal art collection to Troptions
Corporation. He was inspired by the Troptions’ business model because “it is the only crypto
currency that is engaged in the buying, selling and trading of hard assets”. Subsequently,
Koeppel conceived of the Troptions Mercantile™, which is the first online merchant portal
serving the crypto currency marketplace where buyers, sellers and traders can transact
business in fifty different categories of products and services”.
Koeppel added, “as a new and pioneering concept in the world of crypto currencies, we are
eager to populate our fifty asset categories, so we are waiving the posting fee for the first
fifty listings who sign on.”
The Troptions Mercantile™ website will be launched prior to Troptions Initial Product
Offering on November 11, 2017.

TROPTIONS Mercantile™