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August 12, 2017

So Much Trading So Little Time!

It is ridiculous that I spent the day in a room with men and women of this caliber and didn’t take one picture! We were surrounded by great pieces of art because we were in the Dazzio Art Experience Studio and Gallery.  Our belief is that the wisdom and knowledge contained in these quarters today will get passed on to the next generation of TRADERS!

Have you ever heard of a “spinner” we were given one by Mr. Barrett.  It is a ‘must have’  and we were able, using our TROPTIONS to purchase the following:

box of key chains,

box of Florida GATOR mask,

vacant lots,

Mercedes Benz

Script for digital printing,

4 days Gift Certificate for lodging,

beautiful jewelry – pearls, rings, earrings, necklaces, gemstones,

Even a piece of a meteorite.

bag of wheat pennies

un-circulated coin collection

Many of these items will be placed on the TroptionCorp.com website later this week, but until then get ready for more items to purchase with your TROPTIONS

Below we have listed a couple web sites regarding the TROPTIONS.  TroptionTrading.com has been around for 14 years, but that was the digital currency.  These TROPTIONS is the crypto currencies editions and as Mr. Harris share with you on Saturday, there is more to come regarding the company, its shareholders, and its products.

Thanks to each of you that allow us to participate in the auction, you are most appreciated.

Garland and Evelyn Harris

What Is A TROPTION asset?

More Information on TROPTIONS


Shareholders, traders, and investors can garner information on acquiring a Counterparty cryptocurrency wallet to trade on the DEX from the following sources: