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One Year-Creative Real Estate Home Study & Mentoring Program by Steele 300



This is a 2 part educational & mentoring program that you study 15 minutes a day. At the end of one year you will know more about real estate than 90% of the people that practice real estate every day because they think conventionally and inside the box. Your future lies outside the box.

Part 1: Education:

416 page study book “300 Ways to Buy, Sell or Exchange Real Estate”. It has 12 volumes within it covering from basic real estate and buying a house to trading into a high-rise building. Each volume has 25 strategies totaling 300 Strategies. Read one page a day coupled with the E-MAIL OUTS below and watch the change in your real estate philosophym. Price $235.00

Part 2: Education & Mentoring

You receive from us 300 e-mails during the course of the coming year, one per day. Each e-mail relates to one of the strategies in the book and it moves through the book so it doesn’t stay in just one volume. It is a fresh insight each day as a reminder of your program and
enhancing you and reinforcing your knowledge. Mentoring is keeping one on tract and
this help supply this mentoring feature. Price: $235.00

Price for one year complete educational & mentoring program $470.00



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