Picturue Of 300 Ways

300 Ways To Buy, Sell or Exchange Real Estate for TROPTIONS



This is a PDF file that will download to you with massive Amounts of ideas to get you started.  If you are an expert, no worries, this makes twinkling your ideas masterful.

“Every Broker and Investor Should Own This Book”

By Robert W. Steele

Outside the Box and Outside the Country.

I will not write the entire content but here are a few of the gems!!!

Volume 1

Strategies 1-25 ,,,,,,,,,, 25 basic creative Real Estate Strategies (ititially developed by Richard R. Remo) Page 17

Volume 5

Strategies 101 -125 ………. 25 ways to buy, Sell or Trade a House    Page 143

Volume 10

Strategies  226 -250 ………. Half the World is Vacancy page 307


Strategy #20 Head Em’ West Till Their Hats Float

Strategy #25 Un-priced Exchange Meetings

Stregegy #40 Who or What is the Most Important in an Exchange?









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