Wake Up, Things Have Changed – It’s 2017 And The Blockchain ICOs Reign! Just My Opinion.

Wake Up, Things Have Changed – It’s 2017 and the Blockchain ICOs Reign! Just My Opinion.

Hi, This is, of course, just my opinion, but if you were just asked, “What do you think about those ITOs or ICOs?” And your response was  – WHAT! There is still time to get busy in the business of funding your utmost concerns. I’m Just Saying!!!

2016: The Year Blockchain ICOs Disrupted Venture Capital

| Published on January 8, 2017 at 12:13 GMT

Matt Chwierut is research director at Smith + Crown, a research and data group focused on crypto-finance and blockchain technology. There, he works alongside Sid Kalla, CFA, a researcher and journalist focusing on cryptocurrencies.

In this CoinDesk 2016 in Review special feature, Chwierut and Kalla recap the year in ‘initial cryptocurrency offerings’ – a new form of fundraising that is gaining popularity in the blockchain industry.

You may have missed it in 2016, but initial coin offerings, or ICOs, have become the dominant way to fund new cryptocurrency projects.

In an ICO, a project sells part of the total token supply to early adopters in exchange for money with which to progress.

ICOs have two primary benefits: they provide funding to the team to see the project through, and incentivize a community to contribute (who gain if the project succeeds and the tokens are worth more than they bought them for).

Although 2016 witnessed a high number of ICOs, they are not a new phenomenon and some ICOs from earlier than 2015 include well-known projects like ethereum, Factom, Augur, NXT and Mastercoin.

2016 however saw unusually high activity in the ICO space, both in terms of total campaigns that raised money, and also in terms of the total number of investor dollars.

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