Token-as-a-Service (‘TaaS’), dubbed the “first-ever” tokenized closed-end fund (CEF) that allows investors to capitalize on the rise of blockchain markets, is to launch a fundraising next month through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The platform on which TaaS is based claims to offer “full transparency’ for investors by deploying Cryptographic Audit technology.

Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain and its Cryptographic Audit technology, TaaS was co-founded by Blockchain protagonists Konstantin Pysarenko, Ruslan Gavrilyuk, Dmytro Chupryna and Maksym Muratov.

Together with team members from the United States, China, Poland, South Africa and the Ukraine, fledgling startup TaaS with offices in Kiev and San Francisco intends to offer a “new way” to participate in and benefit from capital raising, fund management and cryptocurrency investing. Its use of the ICO funds raised will be audited by HLB, a worldwide network of independent accounting firms and business advisors.

Pysarenko, TaaS’ 26-year old Ukrainian-born American co-founder, commenting said: “Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have risen exponentially over the last 12 months with little doubt for its ability to disrupt and revolutionize major industries over the coming years.”

(Image: Shutterstock).